"If you don't listen to podcasts, you're not an interesting person."

This was said by someone who loves podcasts. In fact, it was said by me. 

This is Vulture's Top 10 podcast episodes of 2016. This isn't the best podcasts but the 10 best podcast EPISODES.

I've listened to 6 of them so far and they're each brilliant in their own individual way. Whatever field you're in, whatever you do day to day, you will learn something and be a better person if you engage with this audio content. 

Clients on the content side are increasingly asking us for audio, ranging from full magazine-style podcast episode and series consultancy right the way through to making parts of their email and website accessible via audio. It's a way that companies and brands are breaking through the noise and getting into customers' and clients' everyday lives. We're still a long way off 'peak podcast' but if you're a company that doesn't have one, hurry up and make one. Better still, ask us to make it for you. 

Edward Playfair