Attention + Trust = Sales

Photo by  adam morse  on  Unsplash

Photo by adam morse on Unsplash

Prospects sometimes don't covert. Even the ones you think you've convinced. Even if you think you're good. Even after all this time growing a business. 

But that's business. It's life. Still, it always annoys me. I'm always surprised. They don't get what we do, I say! But maybe I didn't do a good enough job telling them?

Listening to Seth Godin on Tim Ferriss as I struggled to bench press like my 21-year-old-self gave me a new way of thinking about our agency's service.

To paraphrase GODin, what matters above all else today when trying to sell a product is attention and trust. We need to help prospects understand this.

Attention and trust are now scarce and they never used to be scarce. They are only becoming more scarce. And they're becoming more valuable.

Attention is scarce because it's extremely profitable to make tools that distract people. So more of them are being built, launched and forced upon us every day.

So creating things - content, services, products - that aim to keep people's attention usually don't scale and they're really hard to create.

So the first challenge a company has to overcome if they want to sell product today is that they have to fight to earn attention.

But, if they earn attention, even the smallest amount of it, it compounds over time.

And if it compounds and grows, they gain trust.

And trust is the beginning of all sales.

If Godin was giving a talk in London today, I'd go because I've given him my attention for years and I'd trust him to babysit my children. After the talk, I'd also buy his book.

In short, attention + trust = sales.

And Ed and I help our clients win attention in the short term and gain trust over the long term. As a result, we help them make sales. It's that simple.

Edward Playfair