This is some comedy we're writing...

This project - called WANTREPRENEUR - is very close to our hearts as it's about alot of the experiences that we've both been through - like the great comedy, it's about real life, the good and the bad of it, and at the centre of it is a warm, positive, heroic soul. 

Jules - 30, West-London, typical, sick of his sensible and boring job - finally decides to take the plunge and launch his own startup - a social network / curated lifestyle platform for pets, Petbook. The show follows Jules' adventure as he enters a London startup accelerator and beyond. 

We are both huge lovers of Steve Coogan and his most infamous creation, and we want to create "our Partridge" - if you know what I mean. We think Jules could be that once in a lifetime character that all comedy writers dream about.

So this is what we've been working on. It's at polished first draft stage.

And, honestly, we're really proud of it. 

Edward Playfair