Be My Eyes shows why tech can be great

Some good news for a Friday. I absolutely love this.

Perhaps, like me, you’re so caught up in what is happening in tech (and ‘caught up’ means checking WIRED and TechCrunch a couple of times each day) that you’re oblivious to some of its more niche possibilities. If you’re like me, you’ve likely never heard of this business before.

Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind and visually impaired people to a network of volunteers around the world who help them in their everyday lives. The volunteers becomes that person’s eyes, talking to them and instructing through headphones when they want to walk to the shops, read small print or best before dates or, as is the app’s most popular function, cook. How great is that?

Do-good apps and technologies like this became viable thanks to smartphone technology. But a lack of worldwide 4G or 5G network coverage is still a barrier. But that is coming and, with wearable tech getting ever more advanced (Facebook is now building their version of Google Glass), apps like Be My Eyes will continue to change the world for the better for everyone.

The advancement of technology for the good of disabled people seems like an obvious goal, but it hasn’t been a priority for corporations and entrepreneurs. In short, it isn’t as sexy or always that profitable, or not as profitable as general consumer tech. However, technologies, such as autonomous vehicles and voice recognition A.I., are about to change everything, making do-good applications life changing, scalable and profitable.

And it’s not just for the blind. Self driving vehicles will liberate those with limited mobility, whilst assistive forms of technology are being tested and rolled out for all sorts of impairments, combining the best of robotics and AI.. These developments should significantly improve the quality of life for many.

The future’s bright. And it’s brilliant.

Enjoy your weekend!

Edward Playfair