What exactly is MarketMuse and why should you care?

Image credit:  Lukas Blazek

Image credit: Lukas Blazek

The Empire Flippers Podcast is actually really good.

They manage to book some really weird (in a good way) guests for the show. Like the time they interviewed a guy about broking websites in the porn industry, which offers amazing insights about genuine innovation and marketing.

You get the feeling that Justin and Joe know what they’re talking about. They don’t just spout the usual lazy Shark Tank startup cliches about iteration, decentralisation, sharing economies etc. Instead, they interrogate guests, put them under a bit of pressure, stress test their ideas and business offerings.

This recent interview with Jeff Coyle from MarketMuse is worth a listen if you work in content marketing or you’re an entrepreneur/brand looking to grow your business with content.

MarketMuse is an AI-powered research assistant that accelerates content creation and optimisation so you can win in organic search — at least, that’s what their website says. Ultimately, they’re doing smart things with AI to give people actionable insights on how they can use quality content to grow their traffic and business.

MarketMuse takes a singular keyword and analyses thousands of web pages to identify key subtopics. The takeaway for brands from years of doing this? Stop targeting keywords, start covering topics.

As an agency owner specialising, I went from abject fear at MarketMuse’s offering — “this kind of automation is going to put us out of business” — to excitement — “this is going to raise the value of content”. It was reassuring to hear Jeff emphasise the importance they place on quality content and ethical practices. He won’t work with clients who are trying to game the system with spam and dodgy links.

Ultimately, Google tells us all to jump and we ask how high. Since their search offering is now dictated by quality, so too must our content creation efforts. Which is good news for agencies that care about making meaningful content for clients seeking meaningful, sustainable relationships with customers.

MarketMuse looks like a great company with proprietary technology that can actually move the needle for brands, now, today, this minute. They could be a powerful ally for agencies that think different.

Edward Rhys