Cognitive content

A super-interesting, AI-led client of ours, Arkera, love pushing the envelope. Their cutting-edge approach to content sourcing in the capital markets is breaking boundaries in the world of financial news and data. Read more about their approach here

A piece they released on their Medium last week used a great term I hadn't heard before: cognitive content. Arkera co-CEO, Vinit Sahni, describes it as:

machine-intelligent content, which aims to order language in a way that inspires readers into action. In financial services, relevant, timely and personalised, high-quality cognitive content — the sort that harnesses learnings from machine learning — nudges investors to engage and execute.

This is a fascinating term and one that we should consider when providing content marketing for our clients, too. Creating language and messaging that moves users and clients to action is the crux of the challenge we all face when trying to grow either our own or our clients' businesses, regardless of whether we're building a product or selling a service.

The application of technology to this process can save a huge amount of time and resources whilst adding real impact. Given the increasing availability and rapidly falling costs of implementing tech like AI, companies that embrace its use will be those that go the furthest in the years ahead. It's a significant competitive advantage. 

Just as Arkera are embracing cognitive content to benefit their users in financial services, marketing professionals should be looking to create and utilise it for their clients, too. It can help us all do great work that, most importantly, inspires action. 

Edward Playfair